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During their participation in the REMARKABLE project, the researchers are expected to publish articles regarding their findings. Below you can find the abstracts of these articles, as well as links to access their full versions.


As a HORIZON-MSCA – Staff Exchanges project consortium, the REMARKABLE team fully recognizes the essential need to increase a set of research and transferable skills and competences, achieve conversion of knowledge and innovative ideas into products, processes and services, boost international exposure and enhance networking and communication capacities with scientific peers. Therefore, this section reports on the outcomes of the various events organized to the benefit of REMARKABLE researchers, as well as their direct feedback on these events.


REMARKABLE is centred on an IoT/ML-based technological platform that will be adapted and demonstrated in the context of various cases applied in environmental monitoring, management and conservation, in order to demonstrate its simplicity, low costs and viability.


From March 20 to March 22, 2023, Lusófona University hosted the 6th Conference on Cloud and Internet of Things (CIoT’2023). There was an amazing lineup of keynote speakers, invited speakers, expert panels, and interactive sessions that provided an opportunity for discussions and networking. Over three days, the participants listened to and debated topics such as “Smart Cities, Traffic, and Vehicles”, “IoT Middleware and Services”, “IoT Based Unmanned Aerial Vehicles”, “IoT for Health Sector”, “IoT Application Scenarios”, “Communications for the IoT Era”, “Communication Networks and IoT”, and “IoT Cloud Computing”. The REMARKABLE team made use of the conference to hold their first hybrid meeting, where partners from Portugal, Serbia (representatives from both Computer Science and Environment Engineering were present), Spain and South Africa met in person, while the remaining partners participated in the event remotely.
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