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Among other, the REMARKABLE project will organise a set of networking events that will be a mixture of four types of activities:
  • Research training;
  • Complementary training;
  • Integration sessions;
  • Demonstration sessions.


From July 15 to July 19, 2024,the REMARKABLE team was at the AI Workshop 2024 in Porto, Portugal, where the team was convening with four other prominent European-funded project teams (ROBUST, AIAS, DAIS, and CyberSecPro), with the aim at synergizing their efforts to address shared challenges related with AI in distinct applications (ranging from deploying advanced IoT solutions in remote environments to developing AI-driven eHealth systems for remote patient monitoring, and from enhancing cybersecurity frameworks to fostering digital transformation in critical sectors). This one-week collaborative event provided a unique opportunity for interdisciplinary exchange and exploration, interesting knowledge-sharing sessions and and hands-on workshops. It was also a great opportunity for the team to carry out the mid-term review of the project work with the Project Officer and raise awareness about the project work to technical and broader audience.

Research Training

This type of training aims at providing trainees with fundamental knowledge, current and emerging paradigms across multi-disciplinary research spectrum of ICT technologies in environmental monitoring applications focusing on IoT technologies and ML tools and applications.

Complementary Training

Through this training, involved researchers will learn basic transversal skills needed to progress their careers. The emphasis of these trainings are placed on young researchers and their future academic or industrial exposure, focusing on their innovation skills and possible start-up ventures.

Integration Sessions

The major project activity is integration of end-to-end IoT and ML applications in rural areas. The project researchers are using dedicated integration sessions during training events to fast-track progress of development of selected use cases and their deployment in one of the demonstration sites.

Demonstration Sessions

REMARKABLE stimulates involvement of all of its researchers in prototyping and demonstration. Careful planning of project demonstration activities will take place during network events. Since experimentation is tightly connected to data set production, special care will be taken to encourage planning and production of relevant data sets.

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